WebWorks enterprise content publishing solution for iPad and ePUB

If you have huge amounts of content and you need to get it onto the iPad or any e-publishing format then you’re in luck. US software publishers WebWorks have launched a new product, ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus, that takes content and automatically reformats it for a variety of different mobile formats including the ePUB standard and Apple iPad.

WebWorks’ ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus supports the emerging ePUB standard to create eBooks readable on the newest generation of mobile content devices. It’s designed for large enterprises, technical communication authors and software development teams and automatically converts and publishes high volumes of content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker and DITA-XML files to common formats such as PDF, Online Help, Wiki and eBooks.

ePublisher makes it easy to:

  • Automate the day to day generation of ePUB books without any manual tweaking or post-production.
  • Optimize the ePUB output so that it works well on a multitude of ePUB readers and mobile devices.
  • Manage the conversion of complex graphics and tables without losing information from the original content.
  • Combine content from multiple document types and files into a single ePUB ebook deliverable.
  • Be prepared for future enhancements to the ePUB standard, so you only have to “re-convert” in ePublisher.
  • Focus on writing and managing your content without having to worry about how and in what format your users will want the content delivered.

ePublisher 2010 Mobile Plus is available now and is priced at £508 ($795) for a single designer license with additional content licenses priced at £188 ($295)

See more at http://www.webworks.com/Products/ePublisher/Latest_Release/

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