Apple take down antennagate vids

"See it's not just us!" says Apple

Apple’s claims that it’s not just them that has problems with mobile phone antennas has created bad feeling amongst Apples competitors. So, it’s no surprise that Apple have now removed videos of other devices suffering from similar problems from its Antenna site

Sometime over the last few days Apple has removed the videos of competitor phones from a web page which aimed to show that all phones suffer from what we’re calling “the grip of reception death” problems.

The page was created to provide evidence of Apple boss Steve Job’s claims that “the grip of reception death“ were “a challenge for the whole industry.”

The web page hosted multiple videos of iPhone competitors such as the Samsung Omnia II, Nokia N97, and the Motorola Droid X. Each of the videos showed reception falls when covering the handsets in a particular area.

However if you want to see the videos they still inexplicably remain on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Motorola Droid video
Nokia N97 video
Samsung Omnia II video

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