Mobile in 3D

File under it had to come soon. Sharp are to launch a 3D mobile phone by the end of the year.

Sharp have announced that they are to launch a new mobile phone that takes 3D pics and uses a special 3D display so you don’t require those silly 3D glasses to see your 3D pics.

While Sharp isn’t unique in developing a 3D phone; Nokia announced a research model called the N810 tablet last September, it is going to be the first with a 3D phone on the market. At the time of writing hardly anything was known about the upcoming 3D Sharp phone – not even a picture – all we do know is that it’s set to land in October.

Although we can guess that the screen is liable to be the 3-inch screen that they showed off at a press event in April. At the time, Sharp’s executive managing officer said “the arrival of mobile 3D is just around the corner.” How right he was. At the time Sharp said that the display was the “industry’s highest brightness screen” [500 cd/m2] and had the ability to switch between 2D and 3D modes.

We can’t wait

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