Orange off-loading iPhones

Has the bubble burst?

Seems like Orange have ordered too many iPhone 4s or they’ve got their iPhone pricing policy badly wrong, as we’ve just received an email from Orange saying

“Now that the rush to get the iPhone 4 has slowed down a bit, we have a good stock of the very popular iPhone 4 Black 16GB on our shelves as well as some 32GB handsets. Be quick off the mark to buy yours, as we can only make them available on a first come, first served basis.
Visit your local Orange shop today.”

Is this a problem with their pricing or over stocking? We think it’s pricing and the 24 months policy. It looks like Tesco’s 12 month contracts have seriously hurt Orange. And they’re so worried that the site goes as far as to say “New 18 month plans are coming soon online and are now available in store or by calling 0800 079 2000.” Why you can’t get 18-months online, but you can get it in a shop seems a little bit of a mystery. There also appears to be no 32Gb iPhone 4s online, where as there are – according to the email – “some” available in the shops.

So if you need an iPhone 4 today then hurry down to your nearest Orange shop. Although probably one of the reasons that there’s so many iPhone 4s on sale with Orange was their quite underwhelming pricing structure and their strict 24 months policy. If you want sign-up for the long term then the best value for a heavy user seems to be the £35 package where the 16Gb phone will set you back £119 and you get between 400-600 minutes. For a light use user then the £30 a month for 150 minutes and a price of £169 with 750Mb data per month.

Here’s the link to the online store remember to ring up first to check availability.