Facebook updates iPhone SDK and announces 150 million mobile users

Facebook's exponential growth 2004-2010

In an official Facebook blog post by Facebook engineer Yujuan Bao announcing new updates to the Facebook iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), Bao accidentally announced that Facebook now have 150 million regular mobile users. That’s up from the 100 million users they announced in February this year, and it’s a staggering 30% of their total user base of 500 million (announced in July).

For developers this is great news. Not only do you get a new set of tools for your iPhone, iPad and iTouch apps, to add to the Facebook Android SDK apps launched recently, but you also get 50 million more users to play with.

The SDK’s offer two significant new features: use of Facebook’s Graph API, which offers deeper integration with people’s social connections; and authentication using the OAuth 2.0 standard.

The updated Facebook SDK for iOS (formerly iPhone SDK) and the Facebook SDK for Android, have been used by Facebook in their own apps as well as with a number of  popular app developers in the iTunes store: Electronic Arts, foursquare, PopCap, SGN, Tapulous, Zynga, and Booyah.

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