Android nipping at the iPhone’s heels in the US

July ad figures from US ad network Millenial Media’s Mobile Mix monthly survey on mobile device trends. Show Android devices nipping at the heels of the long standing leader Apple’s iOS.

US Smartphone Mix July 2010
1 Apple iOS 55%
2 Android OS 19%
3 RIM OS 16%
4 Other 6%
5 Windows Mobile 4%

Smartphones represent 49% of the US ad impressions on the Millenial Media figures, with feature phones representing 32%, and connected devices (eg Wii’s etc) 19%.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • Android’s OS became the second largest OS on the Millenial Media platform for the first time since they began reporting the OS mix in August 2009.The Android OS also had the largest increase
    in July of 8% representing 19% of Smartphone impression
  • RIM apps, representing 11% of the U.S. Developer Platform Usage Mix in July, and experienced the largest growth month-over-month.
  • The Motorola Droid moved into the top three in July’s Top 20 Mobile Phones with 5% impression share.  The Motorola Cliq Android device also entered into the Top 20 for the first time.
  • Nintendo made its entrance into the Top 15 Manufacturers at number fifteen.
  • Apple ad requests increased 36% and iPad ad requests grew 327% month-over-month. iOS remained the leading OS on the network in July with a
    55% share of impressions
  • Shopping & Retail-focused apps jumped into the Top Ten Mobile App Categories for July at number eight, reflecting a potential back-to-school trend.

Click here to download the free full report including the Top 15 Manufacturers & Top 20 Mobile Phones and more.

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