Froyo use growing fast

Figures from the Google Android Developers website show that Froyo (Android version 2.2) is being downloaded and installed by a healthy number of users. Figures on the site (see below) show that over 28.7% of users accessing the Android Market within the last 14-days are using Froyo.

This however does not mean that 28.7% of all Android phone users have upgraded indeed some may never update as many older devices aren’t powerful enough to use 2.2.

What it does show is, those buying newer Android devices pre-loaded with Froyo and those upgrading to Froyo are heavy app users. It also shows that take up is matching the take up of Android 2.1.

Froyo use taking off

Android 2.1 remains the dominant OS version, powering 41.7% of phones. Google adds that 17.5% of devices continue to run Android 1.6, with 12.0% of units running Android 1.5–just 0.1% of Android phones are still running obsolete versions of the OS.

Google’s announcement coincides with new research issued by mobile app analytics firm Localytics, which claims that Android’s wireless approach is considerably more consumer friendly than Apple’s upgrade process, which requires users to connect their mobile devices to their computer.

Localytics bases this on stats that show, two months after the release of iOS 4 more than 20% of iPhone 3GS users still haven’t upgraded their phones. However as we all know many of the new features of 4 aren’t available to previous versions of the iPhone plus the known problems with the upgrade causing some iPhones to slow down to a crawl, inevitably put off many users from upgrading. It will be more interesting to see the take up of 4.1 which claims to have solved the slow response problems.

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