Happy 14 millionth app birthday Samsung

We’re still none the wiser to how many apps Samsung has on Bada, but thanks to Samsung US we now know they have had 14 million downloads of their apps.

Samsung has marked the first anniversary of its Samsung Apps store by announcing that since the launch of Wave in June 2010 (the first smartphone based on Samsung’s own Bada platform), more than 14 million bada apps have been downloaded from the store. To put that in perspective Nokia said the Ovi store was doing a million downloads a week back in February, so it’s comparable with Ovi already,  but it’s not even close to Apple. Apple users downloaded 500 million apps between June 7 and September 1, this year.

Samsung also announced that the app store is also now available in 109 countries. First launched in September 2009 in “select European and Asian countries”, the company says the store has been growing “at a rapid pace, riding on the successful global launch of the Samsung Wave smartphone.”

The company’s strategy for expanding the store includes “the creation of more locally-customised applications,” with the intention to use relevant local information to “provide more enriching, tailored services to users globally.” The proposition will also be strengthened by the introduction of additional bada-powered devices. Samsung Apps will be extended to support new smartphones and to automatically display the relevant application catalogue for a user’s specific handset model.