Microsoft launch Mobile Ad SDK for WP7

Microsoft Advertising has launched their Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, which it describes as ” the industry’s first real-time, bidded ad exchange in mobile”.

According to Microsoft’s Advertsing Team’s Raj Kapoor on the official Microsoft Advertising Blog, the launch, will allow Windows Phone 7 app developers to “maximize their mobile ad revenue by leveraging the industry’s first real-time bidded Mobile Ad Exchange, our superior ad targeting, multiple purchase models and leading resellers including Microsoft’s sales force –as well as the large-scale adCenter marketplace.”

Features of the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 include;

  • Demographic, Category, Carrier and Location targeting;
  • Text and Image Units;
  • Click to Call and Click to Web ad actions
  • Reporting on in-app ad revenue, ad inventory, clicks, CPM and sell thru rate.

As with other real-time, bidded ad exchange, the Advertising Exchange for Mobile is designed to enable multiple ad networks to bid on mobile inventory when an impression is served unlike the conventional pre-ad-display bidding systems.

In addition to Microsoft’s own sales force and adCenter ad marketplace, Microsoft are working with several third party mobile ad networks, including Millennial Media, WHERE, InMobi and MobClix. However the required engineer work to link the systems is not yet completed, but Microsoft promise it will completed by the consumer launch of Windows Phone 7.

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