More iPad updates from iOS 4.2

According to Apple the original intention for the release of iOS 4.2,  coming so close after bug-fix  4.1 , was to harmonise the iPad iOS with the iPhone and iPod Touch iOS.

However this original intention seems to be going a little askew, as Apple have chucked in a few iPad-only goodies in the new update, which is currently in beta and only available to developers for testing.

The list of updates other than AirPrint that we described yesterday includes;

  • Folders can now hold up to 20 apps or games, against the iPhone’s 12.
  • The screen orientation lock had been changed into a volume mute button, and a brightness slider has been added to the iBooks app, so you won’t have to go into the Settings menu to give your books a boost.
  • The built-in Notes app has been enriched, letting you change the font used, with Helvetica and Chalkboard added to the mix. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, the 3G signal bar system has also changed to match the iPhone.
  • Approval and disapproval buttons have been added to the YouTube app too, letting you give the thumbs-up to vids from your iPad.

The update is set for a November release.
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