Apple iOS 4.2 beta released to developers

The beta version of Apple’s iOS 4.2 has been released to developers

At the last Apple press conference, Steve Jobs said that iPhone iOS 4.2 would arrive in November, but it seems quite a long lead time from Beta to final version so we suspect that it might be launched a little earlier.

The focus of iOS 4.2 is on on improving the operating system for iPads and making sure that the iPad works in the same way as the iPhone and Touch devices. One of the main updates in iOS 4.2 will be the ability for iPads to do multitasking like the iPhone 4.

The biggest change to the features in iOS 4,2 is the introduction of AirPrint, a wireless printing feature for iOS users. One of the main complaints about the iPad at release was there was no easy way to print documents from it, and it’s always been a major complaint from iPhone users since launch.

With AirPrint the iPad, iPhone and ipod Touch will automatically find and use printers on a Wifi network without installing any extra software. Initially AirPrint it will just support HP’s ePrint (web printing ready) devices, and any printers shared via Macs and Windows PCs.

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