American drivers fear texts more than life

HLP Im a8out 2 CRASH LOL ;-(

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has found that the majority of motorists on US roads feel less safe than they did five years ago, and what are they afraid of? Other motorists texting while driving. Nearly a quarter of Americans admitted to reading or texting while driving.

The study “2010 Traffic Safety Culture Index” showed that the majority of drivers (62%) feel that talking on a mobile phone is a very serious threat to safety. Unfortunately it’s a fear and a threat that they’re happy to ignore, because they’re too busy texting to see the car coming towards them at 70mph with a driver texting.

In fact, nearly 70% admitted to talking on their phones, and 24% said they read or sent text messages or emails while driving in the previous month.

AAA Foundation President and CEO Peter Kissinger said. “Unlike the social stigma surrounding drinking and driving, driving while texting, emailing or talking on the phone aren’t perceived as egregious behaviours despite overwhelming scientific evidence of the serious crash risk these behaviors pose,” said Kissinger. “This year’s Traffic Safety Culture Index helps identify crucial disconnects between public perceptions and behaviors, an important step in helping the public understand the true risks of their actions.”

It can only be seconds before this is a Daily Mail headline “Texting can kill”, remember where you read it first.

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