Consumers want to respond to ads by mobile phone

Research from Lightspeed Research for the Mobile Marketing Association show’s that European consumers (UK, Germany and France) want a mobile choice when they click on an online ad, or respond to an ad in offline media.

A quarter of consumers in Europe would be more likely to respond to an ad – including print, television, radio and billboards – if they could do so via mobile. With a massive 31% saying they wanted a mobile choice in the UK, 24% for French consumers and 20% for Germans. In the UK, mobile response advertising seen on a PC or laptop elicited a higher activity rate in the last month (25%) than other media. In France, print advertising or advertising delivered via a PC or laptop was the most popular (34%), while direct mail was ranked the highest in Germany (23%).

“Enabling consumers to respond to traditional advertising methods via mobile is a great way of bringing adverts to life and increasing their impact with today’s highly mobile consumer,” said Dr. Peter A. Johnson, VP of Market Intelligence for the MMA.

“Using mobile as an access point enables consumers to engage with brands of their choice whenever and wherever they want. Integrating mobile response mechanisms into other advertising channels also provides an effective way of assessing return on investment from which to shape future campaigns and understand consumer behavior.”

Furthermore, the research, which was carried out in the UK, France and Germany, found that sending a keyword via SMS to a shortcode was the most popular method of response.

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