Dropbox updates iOS and Android apps and launches on BlackBerry

You’re on the road, a customer calls and he wants the latest version of a file, trouble is it’s on your laptop at home. What do you do? Well if you’ve got an iPad/iPhone or an Android phone you go and download Dropbox, and then you sit back calm in the knowledge that you now have all the files you need, on all of your devices and you don’t have to do anything about it. It’s all handled automatically. Unfortunately if you had a BlackBerry you were stuck, well now you’re saved because there’s now a Dropbox app for BlackBerry, and there’s some new features for the smug iPad/iPhone and Android Dropbox users.

The Dropbox for Blackberry app like all the other apps is a free and premium application that automatically shares files from one computer— your work PC , for example—to multiple mobile and handheld devices, and from those devices back via its own cloud storage. All a user’s Dropbox folders mirror each other as files are dropped into them, and the additions happen in real time.

The new updates of Dropbox for iPhone and iPad, now include automatic offline caching for recently accessed files, support for HD video and high-resolution photo capture. The update for Dropbox for Android has added support for photo galleries and multi-photo upload, ability to automatically send files to Dropbox from other apps, progress bar and notifications for file transfers

Additionally there’s Dropbox App Directory, which make it easier to find and evaluate partner applications built with the Dropbox API. This directory features app information, screenshots and reviews from some of the most popular productivity app providers.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said there are now more than 100 third-party mobile applications on the market that use the company’s APIs to make mobile document editing, image capture, note taking and other features available to Dropbox users.

Currently, Dropbox offers both a paid premium account and restricted free account with 2GB of storage.

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