INQ building a phone for Facebook?

We're not building a phone, but INQ is, and we're helping them.

Politicians have a great way of lying, it’s where they interpret a question absolutely truthfully, but if you’d asked them a slightly differently phrased question they would have have to have fessed up. Eg Did you sleep with a call girl? No because technically although we were in bed together all night neither of us closed our eyes and slept. You get the idea. So when Facebook were asked by CNET if they were building a mobile phone they were being very truthful when they said no ,”Facebook is not building a phone”.

So it comes as absolutely no surprise to find that despite the abject no, that there are still rumours flying around of a Facebook phone. As we said on Monday the INQ 1 and the INQ social media phone has one of the best integrations of Facebook that we’ve seen. So  when Facebook confirmed to Bloomberg that it has been working closely with INQ we were smug to say the least. Facebook were reported to have said via an email  “We’ve been working with INQ for a couple of years now to help them build a deeply integrated Facebook experience on their devices” adding “While we can’t speak for their future product development plans, we can say that our view is that almost all experiences would be better if they were social.”

According to sources INQ is building Facebook two phones, a handset with an iPhone form factor, and one that has a touchscreen and slide-out Qwerty keyboard. As well as offering access to Facebook, both handsets will also give users access to other social media services like Twitter.

To cash in on the publicity that the “will they, won’t they build a phone” debate  is having site MyVoucherCodes did a quick survey and found that 24% said they would buy a Facebook phone and almost a third admitted they expect the handset to outshine Apple’s latest iPhone.

Of those that wouldn’t buy a Facebook phone,69% said it was due to privacy and 43%  were worried that Facebook would have access to contacts and personal information stored on the phone.

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