iPad owners browse the web, read email and read the papers

Fleet Street rejoices as Steve Jobs saves the Newspaper Industry

Contrary to popular opinion the main use for the iPad is not as an expensive drinks tray, or as an upmarket etch-a-sketch for over paid executives but it’s as an electronic version of the daily paper, and owners of the iPads are more likely to be male and in your late twenties or early thirties, but that looks like it’ll change soon.

According to TechMarketView around three quarters of iPad owners said that they used the device for browsing the web and a similar proportion use the tablet for reading and answering emails. However hot on the heels of email and web browsing is reading the paper, and more than half of all Apple iPad owners use their devices for reading newspapers and magazines.

The survey, conducted by YouGov, found that other popular uses for the iPad included playing games (50%), listening to music (40%) and reading books (33%).

Russell Feldman, the research manager for the study, said that owners of the wi-fi and 3G iPad “tend to be more business orientated”. Two thirds of iPad owners surveyed had the wi-fi only model.

YouGov found that current owners of the iPad were most likely to be male and aged between 25 and 34. However that may soon change as when YouGov spoke to people who don’t own an iPad, they found that those who planned to purchase an iPad were most likely to be women and more likely to be aged 45 and over.

Of those who didn’t own an iPad almost a fifth were considering purchasing one.

All around Fleet Street we can hear sighs of relief. Yes Steve Jobs has not only single handedly saved the computer business, and the mobile phone business, he’s also save the newspaper business. Trebles all round and get the man a knighthood.
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