Michael Dell whips out his seven-incher

The 5-inchDell Streak shortly to be joined by a bigger 7-inch version

Dell CEO Michael Dell has previewed a second Android  tablet to complement its five-inch Streak device.

Michael Dell was delivering the Wednesday Keynote “Innovation in the Enterprise” at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, when he started to describe the Dell Streak he then said “Of course, it’s nice to have a larger screen,” and whipped out the 7-incher, then swiftly pocketing it again.

Unfortunately Dell didn’t get around to providing details about the tablet, or a spec, price or even it’s release date.

The 7 inch device looks almost identical to the current Dell Streak Android Tablet, but just with a bigger screen.

Additionally Dell said the Dell Streak will be available in Best Buy stores in the US from next month, but unfortunately it’s unlikely to see the light of day in the sole UK Best Buy store.

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