Nearly one in 10 Americans own an e-reader

Eight percent of Americans use an e-reader, according to new data from Harris Interactive ( On top of that, the research firm’s survey found that 12% of respondents who do not currently own an e-reader are likely to purchase one within the next six months.

The survey also found that 53% of people with e-readers read more books in the previous six months—a substantial jump from the 18% of people without e-readers.

The survey speculates that as e-reader sales continue that the reading habits of Americans will also change, and an early result is that people seem to be reading more. “This early evidence is pointing to something good—people seem to be reading more if they have an e-reader, which is something the publishing industry, which has been in decline over recent years, is sure to celebrate.”

E-reader users are also more likely to buy books. One in five Americans (21%) say they have not purchased any books in the past year compared to only 8% of e-reader users who say the same. Just over one in ten Americans purchased between 11 and 20 books (11%) or 21 or more books (12%) in the past year. Again, e-reader users are more likely to have bought, or downloaded books, as 17% purchased between 11 and 20 and 20% purchased 21 or more books in the past year.

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