An early Christmas present for iPhone users, a keyboard

Want!!! NEED!!!

Online gadget site ThinkGeek has created its own add-on keyboard for the iPhone. The TK-421 fits around the iPhone like a case and then swivels open to reveal a full QWERTY pad.

ThinkGeek has developed the TK-421 (its a Star Wars reference. They are nerds) for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, unfortunately the iPhone 3 doesn’t have support for a Bluetooth keyboard.

The TK-421 looks like a surprisingly snug and low-profile shell case when closed, but open it up with a twist and it revolves through 180 degrees (see graphic below) and becomes a full QWERTY keypad with a row of number keys and a couple of ALT/SHIFT keys too.

As there is no physical link to the phone the TK-421 needs to pack its own power supply – in this case an internal battery chargeable via USB.

Register your order for the TK-421 keypad from ThinkGeek now here, as it’s sure to be in short supply, especially at the very reasonable price of $49.99. Unfortunately it won’t be available until November.

Product Features include;

  • Give your iPhone a real flip-out tactile keyboard
  • Keyboard flips out for use, then flips back in when done
  • Magnet based clasp keeps keyboard in position whether flipped in or out
  • Increased typing accuracy and speed
  • Works with any app such as e-mail, web browsing, notes, and calendar
  • Completely wireless Bluetooth connection does not use dock connector
  • Keyboard powered by built in rechargeable battery, recharges via included USB cable

Alternatively there’s also the nuu Mini-key which looks very similar but only works on the iPhone 4 and is also as yet unavailable – it will be supposedly available from the end of the year for around $60.

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