Searches for Android apps up by 466% year on year

Hitwise stats show that Google’s presence in the mobile market is growing with the searches for Android OS apps increasing by 466% in the last year.

According to Hitwise’s monthly stats on search in the UK, searches for ‘android apps’ increased 6.25% in the last month and 466% year-on-year.

Elsewhere in the stats, Hitwise report on the fight between the Kindle and the rumoured “ipad mini” – if you don’t know the story the “iPad mini” turned up on Sky News story a few weeks ago where it was reporting that Apple was planning a new ‘iPad mini’ to be launched in time for Christmas. The ‘iPad mini’ is rumoured to have a seven inch screen, much closer to the new Kindle’s six inch reading screen. After the story the Internet went mad and searches for both ‘ipad mini’ and ‘kindle 3’ started increasing at the end of July, but the online popular vote seems to be with the Kindle. During the week ending August 28th searches spiked for ‘kindle 3’ while there was a direct correlation in a drop in searches for ‘ipad mini’.

Amazon however shouldn’t get their hopes up too much as Hitwise finds that searches for iPads are 300% higher than searches for Kindles.

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