50 billion mobile devices: Who’ll get rich?

With Ericsson forecasting 50 billion people and “things” connected to mobile networks by 2020 (4.5 billion today) where will the next disruption come from?

50 billion mobile devices: Who’ll get rich? is a set of perspectives from Silicon Valley, London and Belfast that were presented at a  MobileMonday Belfast& NISP CONNECT event last week (23 Sept 2010).

The event is now available to watch via the internet and includes 6 visions of the future of the mobile industry from the following perspectives:

  • The Operator
  • The Consumer
  • The Vendors
  • The Industry
  • The Emerging Sector

Presenters and panelists are senior experts within their industry sector:

  • Dr. Mike Short, Vice President of Research& Development, Telefonica O2 Group
  • Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, The GSM Association
  • Garry McCollum, Head of Mobile Carriers Relationships, Google Europe
  • Tom Long, Mobile Solutions Architect, Cisco
  • John Hartnett, Founder& President, Irish Technology Leadership Group

To watch the presentations and panel discussion go to