Microsoft show of the first Windows Phone 7 device

An HTC device known as the ‘Mondrian’ looks set to be one of the first major smartphones based on Microsoft’s long-awaited new Windows Phone 7 (WP7) operating system.

The handset is seen in two Microsoft adverts showcasing WP7, which have appeared online ahead of the platform’s official launch. These adverts – targeted at the US market – also name AT&T as the device operator, though it is not known if the device will be an exclusive to AT&T.

HTC has been one of several handset vendors vying to be the first to launch a WP7 device, and Microsoft’s official endorsement of Mondrian in the video above suggests it may have won the race.

The tag lines on the videos are quite telling the first is “less stop and stare, more glance and go” and the second is “it’s time to have a phone, to save us from our phones. It’s time to have a phone to give you the stuff you need and to get back to what matters.” And both show users stopped and staring into their phones, like Crackberry some mobile users do.

We’ll know for definite soon as Microsoft has been emailing the press over the last couple of days with an announcement set for 11 October, which we expect to be the official launch.

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