Kindle owners are considerably richer than you

A survey of portable device ownership from Nielsen shows some extremes in the professions, pockets and ad proclivity of their owners.

Nielsen has released a few of the findings from their new Connected Devices Playbook, a survey of more than 5,000 US consumers who already own a tablet computer, eReader, netbook, media player or smartphone.

The Playbook shows that iPad owners skew younger and more male than the most of the other devices looked at – apart from the Sony PlayStation Portable which has a very similar skew. In the survey iPad owners are 65% male and 63% of them are under the age of 35, where PSP owners are 62% male and 68% are under the age of 35. Where as 53% of Kindle users and 55% of iPhone users are over 35.

However Kindle owners tend to be wealthier, 44% of them make more than $80,000/year compared to 39% of iPad owners and 37% of iPhone owners. Kindle owners tend to better educated with 27% of Kindle owners possessing a Master’s degrees or doctorates.

When it comes to advertising iPad owners are more receptive to advertising on their touchscreen tablet than owners of other devices. Thirty-nine percent of iPad owners say ads on their connected device are new and interesting, compared to 19% of all connected device owners. And 46% say they enjoy ads with interactive features compared to 27% of all connected device owners.
Perhaps most important to advertisers, iPad owners are also the most likely to have made a purchase as a result of seeing an ad on their connected device.

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