eBuddy hits 100 million app downloads

One hundred million users can't be wrong

Dutch web and mobile instant messaging business eBuddy has passed the 100 million app downloads mark.

A blog post from the firm confirms the figures and adds a quote from CEO and co-founder Jan-Joost “JJ” Rueb, “Reaching the 100 million mobile download milestone speaks not only to the popularity of mobile IM, but also to our continuous ability to translate the eBuddy application to virtually any mobile platform or mobile device”.

The 100 million apps record has taken over three years – eBuddy on mobile debuted in  June 2007 but eBuddy has been around since 2003 – and it puts this almost unheard of business in the realm of the big behemoths.

The company offers three free mobile apps eBuddy for iPhone and iPod touch, Android, and one for Java mobile phones apps, unfortunately eBuddy doesn’t specify a split of the apps, but we’re happy to take a guess. Back in August we reported that eBuddy had passed 50 million downloads from GetJar. Their blog also gives a figure of 3 million Ovi Apps back in August, so the remaining 47 million will be split between the Android and the iPhone apps. We guess the majority of those will be on iPhone.

Congratulations eBuddy!