HP to launch WebOS phones in early 2011

Reuters news agency has a report that Hewlett-Packard (HP) will introduce smartphones in early 2011 using webOS

HP acquired Palm earlier this year for $1.2 billion (£754 million) and has always maintained that they would continue to support the OS. HP has had Windows based smartphones for some years and although the phones have been well received, they have never achieved big numbers in sales of the devices.

“You will see us coming early next year with new phones,” Senior Vice President Eric Cador told an industry conference in Barcelona.

HP bought Palm, an early pioneer in handheld devices, to tap into the fast-growing smartphone industry and get access to Palm’s acclaimed webOS operating system.

“More importantly we acquired webOS,” Cador told the conference in Barcelona, adding Palm’s intellectual property was “extremely fundamental” in the deal.

Presumably the phones will be using WebOS 2.0 and could be released sooner rather than later. The WebOS 2.0 Toolkit beta launched at the end of August and the full version will be available “later this year” according to the WebOS development site .

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