Gadget of the week – Acer C20 PICO projector

The Acer C20 PICO Projector in blue

The projector that you can fit in your pocket.

As we said last week with the BlackBerry Presenter you can’t call yourself a true mobile roadwarrior, if every time you want to do a presentation you need to get out your laptop. Equally how truly mobile are you, if can’t fit your entire array of useful gadgets in your jacket pocket, or your handbag? The big problem in being a mobile roadwarrior is you still need to lug a big projector around. But with the Acer C20 PICO projector you no longer have that problem.

The Acer C20 certainly isn’t the first small projector on the market, but it’s easily the most colourful. Available in three cool colours – Candy Pink, Metallic Blue and Silver – the C20  is just about the size of a smartphone and will project a WVGA resolution (800 x 480) presentation onto a screen up to 168cm (66″).

Connections wise the C20 has a built-in USB and HDMI port plus there’s an integrated SDHC card reader. So you can either show a presentation straight from a Micro SD card, or via USB flash disc, using the C20’s USB Slide Show and USB multimedia functions.

There’s also an internal speaker so you don’t even need to carry around a separate amplifier, or need to ask your hosts for a set of speakers.

Unlike most standard projectors the C20 uses a RGB LED lamp technology, which makes lamp replacement virtually unnecessary as LED lifetime lasts up to 20,000 hours; plus, the lack of breakable filaments or tubes increases durability. It also has a an EcoMode to extend the lifespan of LED and reduce power consumption.

The Acer C20 Pico-projector is available now with an RRP of £279.99 Inc Vat.

What more could you ask for? OK yes it would be nice to have Bluetooth, or yes Wifi, but this is still early days!!!