This tweet self-destructs in one hour

If you thought the news world was harsh then the Twitter world is harsher. The adage that yesterdays news it todays chip paper is just so slow compared to a tweet.

According to data from Sysomos most Tweets on Twitter don’t get discovered and are ignored. You also have a one hour window for your tweet and after that it’s dead.

Social media analytics company Sysomos scanned 1.2 billion messages that were sent in the last two months. They discovered that more than seven in every 10 tweets (71%) are ignored.

Of the remainder, just 6% get retweeted, and 92% of those retweets occur within the first hour and the chances of your tweet getting a retweet after that first hour disappear quickly. Essentially, once that hour’s up, your message is ancient history.

However almost one in four do get a retweet (23%). Of those succesful tweets, Sysomos found that 85% of replied-to messages get just one reply, 10.7% get two, and just 1.53% get three replies. Similarly to retweets, 96.9% of @replies to @replies are posted within an hour of the original tweet.

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