11 Million tablets to ship in 2010

11 million tablets in 2009

According to new forecasts from ABI Research, just over 11 million media tablets and 43 million netbooks will ship worldwide this year.

While the 43 million figure sounds big it’s actually somewhat lower than observers expected at the end of last year. Last year netbook sales were big and they were expected to get bigger still.

Part of the drop in demand for netbooks may be laid at the feet of the potentially-competitive media tablets. However tablets are still a long way from the 40-50 million annual shipments that ABI Research considers the threshold for a “mass market” product – a definition that netbooks still fit.

ABI Research principal analyst Jeff Orr says “Apple has sold a few million iPads in its first quarter, which is great for creating a new market,” adding. “But early adoption of media tablets is not outpacing netbooks.  The iPad average selling price above $650 isn’t driving mass adoption. Competition, especially on price, is needed.”

Nonetheless, Orr says , “43 million netbook shipments are good growth, just not the meteoric pace of the past couple of years.”

Apple, which has had the tablet market almost to itself, will soon have company. Samsung will start selling its
Galaxy Tab through network operators this year, a distribution model that differentiates it from the iPad. The operators want a piece of the new device market, not simply to provide services. In the US, the Galaxy Tab will be available through all four of the largest operators, which could make it a strong competitor to the iPad. Vodafone will carry it in the UK and possibly elsewhere, as will NTT DoCoMo in Japan.

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