Vodafone pricing on the Samsung Galaxy

Vodafone have just launched their pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it’s fairly similar to their iPad pricing.

The race is on to be the most competitive with Galaxy pricing and Vodafone are straight out of the gate with an offering that’s very similar to their iPad offering, apart from a few hidden extras.

The Galaxy is available on Vodafone from today for £499 when you purchase it with a a monthly plan – but don’t expect it to be cheaper the more you pay, it’s £499 on all of the plans as they’re all just 30 day contracts –  and the plans start from £3 per month for occasional users to £25 for a 5GB allowance.

Plan (inc VAT) £3 £10 £15 £25
Agreement 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Allowance £2 for 500MB per day of usage 1GB 3GB 5GB

The plans are actually quite confusing, and involve a few extras. The £3 per month occasional user tariff gives you a Vodafone USB modem – you’ll be charged an additional £19.99 for this – for £3 per month you then have the ability to download 500Mb a day for £2 per day. Vodafone say this is for those that use mobile broadband just a handful of times a month, and the monthly £3 covers the “line rental”, and you only need to sign up for a month at a time.

Where as the £10/15/25 1/3/5Gb plans use a Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi device – for £58.72 – and according to the website it’s then only £1.70 for every 500MB you use, and you pay £2.55 on top every month to cover your line rental – which in our mind doesn’t seem to add up at all. And they too are all on a 30-day contract.

If you get confused there’s a whole load of YouTube videos on the Vodafone site to help you out.

More information can be found at vodafone.co.uk/galaxytab

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