Internet Explorer wins first HTML5 conformance test

The Worldwide Web Consortium has released the results of its first HTML5 conformance tests, and the winner is the Platform preview (aka beta) of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9.

The W3C tests put IE9 beta release 6 at the top of the HTML5 conformance table, followed by Google Chrome 7,  Firefox 4 beta 6, Opera 10.6, and Safari 5.0.
W3C HTML5 tests

The tests cover seven aspects of the spec: “attributes”, “audio”, “video”, “canvas”, “getElementsByClassName”, “foreigncontent,” and “xhtml5”

The full details of the tests can be seen here.

It’s encouraging to see so many 100% passes on the results – particularly as the HTML5 standard isn’t fully ratified – however there are areas that are distinctly ropey, and we’re very disappointed with the Safari score, Apple should be doing a lot better.

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