UK Employees spending a fifth of their time working out of the office

Sorry can't talk I'm on the phone

Over half of UK business employees are spending more than a fifth of their week working outside of the office according to a new UK study conducted by headset manufacturer Plantronics.

Mobile worker are increasingly spending more time working outside the office, in so-called ‘transitional’ spaces. Defined by Plantronics as public spaces used while in transit, such as a hotel room, in the car, on public transport or in a café.

According to Plantronics, flexible, mobile and dispersed working practices are now becoming the norm, with over half of respondents (55.2%) spending almost 20% of their week working in transitional spaces, including in the car, at the airport, in hotels, restaurants, and on public transport. Not surprisingly 92.1% admitted they work more productively when they have good communication tools, and in the survey almost 90% of respondents agree that the sound quality of a call is essential to the work that they are doing.

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