Google AdSense now comes with added app ad slots

Google have integrated AdMob and AdSense and it’s good news all round, as both advertisers looking for new ad slots and app builders looking for extra revenue should be catered for from the off.

It’s six months since Google finally acquired mobile advertising platform AdMob, and Google have celebrated the day by announcing that it’s got the two systems working together as one. The benefits include iPhone and Android developers get more advertisers and mobile advertisers get to put their ads in more apps.

According to Jason Morse, Google Mobile Ads Product Manager in the coming weeks, “eligible iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to show Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available.” adding  “This will also enable Google advertisers to extend the reach of their mobile campaigns to the thousands of mobile apps in AdMob’s network, such as Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds’.”

How Google AdSense ads will look in your apps

Developers and publishers in theory also won’t need to do too much more work, possibly none at all, Morse says “Publishers using a recent version of the SDK will not have to update their code. Reporting will integrate directly into your AdMob account, and you will continue to receive a single cheque from AdMob each month.”

App publishers are warned however that they still won’t be able to filter the types of AdSense ads (e.g. category, URL) that run in their app, and publishers who have ad filters selected for their AdMob inventory need to opt in to receive Google ads.  Publishers are told the should check their “App Settings” tab in the Sites & Apps section of their publisher account to see if they are eligible for Google ads and opt in.

There’s a useful Q&A about how it AdSense will work in your apps here

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