The WAC gets bigger, but where are the apps?

The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) announced nine more companies are joining its initiative to build applications that will work across multiple devices and multiple operators, but what we all want to know is where are the apps?

The latest companies to join the initiative are Sony Ericsson, Sharp, Russian operator Vimpelcom, Aepona, Camber Tech, GClue, Gemalto, Infraware and KT Innotz.

The WAC group, founded in February this year aims to produce mobile apps that compete against the more established app operations on Android and Apple, and currently has 57 members – including the nine new members. The WAC plan is to use HTML5 and to deploy the apps on a web-based framework, using the GSMA’s OneAPI to support this.

In a release, WAC describes GSMA’s OneAPI as “a commonly supported set of lightweight and Web-friendly APIs to allow mobile and other network operators to expose useful network information and capabilities to Web application developers. It is designed to reduce the effort and time needed to create applications and content that are portable across mobile operators and is critical in enabling WAC developers to quickly and effectively develop web-based applications that span platforms, devices and operators.”

As yet there are lots of announcements of new members and specifications and api’s but precious few apps. There’s also little talk about how the manufacturers and the networks are intending to support WAC.

Notable absences to WAC are manufacturers Nokia and HTC.

What do you think? Will WAC start to eat at Apple and Android’s markets? Or will it continue to be a talking shop?

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