Murdoch and Branson to launch iPad newspapers

Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are to launch rival publications exclusively for Apple’s iPad.

Branson’s Virgin is expected to unveil its iPad-only Project on 30 November, to be followed in early December by Murdoch’s The Daily, according to a post on the Financial Times website (Branson set to unveil iPad-only magazine).

Branson’s Project is expected to be a magazine covering international culture, business and travel, while The Daily, to be available initially only in the US, is believed to be an iPad-only ‘newspaper’. Although if the advert we found earlier in the week for an iPad developer capable of producing “drag and drop futuristic touch screen functionality” is anything to go by there should be a UK version along soon.

The tablet market is certainly hotting up, and publishers are looking to the tablet market to solve the big problems that the web has caused, and it’s certainly looking like there’s a market to be exploited. Apple said last month that it had sold 7.5m iPads since launching the device in April, and Samsung announced this week that they had sold over 600,000 Galaxy Tablets in the first month.

Murdoch views the iPad as a “game changer” because of projections that there will be 40 milion iPads in circulation by the end of 2011.

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