Distimo gives a first hint of Windows Phone 7 user preferences

Games are a hit on WP7

The October Distimo report gives us a peak at the way users are working with the new WP7 marketplace and
although this doesn’t represent a full month’s worth of data – the report covers data on WP7 Marketplace during the period November 1 – 22 2010 in the United States – it does give an early indication of what’s to come.

Unsurprisingly games are significantly more popular in WP7 Marketplace than they are on Windows Marketplace for Mobile (6.x). This mirrors the way that Microsoft positions WP7 as a more consumer-oriented platform, and it’s also more in line with other smartphones platforms where games dominate.

It’s also interesting to see just how much better WP7 is doing compared to it’s predecessor. The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace launched on October 21, 2010, and has grown to 2,674 applications as of November 22, 2010. In comparison,Windows Marketplace for Mobile has gathered only 1,350 applications to date since the store launched over a year ago.

The price of applications in WP7 Marketplace closely mirrors the prices in other application stores, as opposed to applications in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile (6.x), which are significantly more expensive. The prices of the most popular applications in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace are even more in line with the other stores: 57% of the 100 most popular applications are priced below $2.00. For the other stores, this is between 51% and 67%, except for Windows Marketplace for Mobile where only 37% of the 100 most popular applications is priced below $2.00.

All ten of the most popular paid applications in WP7 Marketplace are games, with prices ranging from $2.99 – $6.99.There are only two games among the ten most popular free applications in this store.

Mirroring the Windows Marketplace for Mobile, a large portion of the ten most popular applications in WP7 Marketplace is published by Microsoft (six applications). In the Apple App Store for iPad and BlackBerry App World, four out of the ten most popular applications are published by Apple and Research In Motion, respectively.

You can download the latest Distimo report here.

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