Windows Mobile 7 a slow burner

WP7 not exactly selling like hot cakes

According to figures from online retailer Mobilesplease ( Windows Mobile 7 devices are not exactly selling like hot cakes, with WP7 devices accounting for just 3% of smartphone sales and a little under 2% of overall sales through Mobilesplease and their affiliates.

Nokia will be happy with the figures as Symbian 3 handsets outsold Windows 7 Phones by 3 to 1, and the majority of those Symbian sales were down to one handset, the Nokia N8.

Mobilesplease’s Ben Pusey, also went to a few local high street mobile phone retailers to check if their figures were in line with the high-street and found that Windows Phone 7 handsets weren’t exactly selling well on the high-street either. Pusey found that Carphone Warehouse did not have any Windows Phone 7 handsets on display, and when he asked they said that they “might have one in the back”.

So far it’s not looking good for Windows Phone 7, and that’s a shame. It’s a very good OS and it would be a shame if it gets buried. However, it’s still early days and we think Microsoft may see some additional sales when the promised apps start to arrive in quantity. But before that happens they also need to resolve a few more issues with their app reporting systems, and they need to start to actively market the WP7 app market, before more developers take the plunge.

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