Dell finally set to launch the Venue Pro

Dell has finally put the Venue Pro on pre-order in the US, and it could be the catalyst that Microsoft are looking for to kick off sales of Windows Phone 7 devices.

The figures we published earlier today from MobilesPlease for Windows Phone 7 phones started us thinking, why aren’t they selling well? What is going wrong with Windows Phone 7? The only thing we could think of is there’s just something missing and we’ve not been able to put our finger on what it was.

Ben Pusey at MobilesPlease thinks what’s missing is the there’s no coolness about WP7 and the devices just don’t have that wow. As Ben says “Windows Phone 7 isn’t a bad OS, it’s just late to market and unfortunately the Windows brand just doesn’t have the “cool” factor that Apple has always had and that Android seems to be gaining.”  adding “there’s just nothing in the lineup yet that makes you go ‘wow!'”

Then we remembered the Dell Venue Pro. What happened to it? Of all the devices we saw on the the WP7 launch it was the one that stuck in our mind. It does have the wow factor and we think it’s definitely cool. Well you’ll be pleased to know it’s finally gone on pre-order in the US – unfortunately there’s no sign of it in the UK yet.

In the US the 4.1-inch sliding qwerty keyboard device will be $99.99 (£64) with a two-year phone contract on T-Mobile in the US, or $449.99 (£288) SIM-free.

The under £300 price point is quite an impressive price for a phone with a massive 4.1-inch WVGA AMOLED capacitive, multi-touch display, a 1Ghz processor, 8Gb Ram, a 5Mpixel camera with flash, built in GPS, G-Sensor, e-compass, FM radio, and UMTS/EDGE/HSDPA/wifi as standard.

Dell can we have one please? Pre-order one now from here

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