Juniper Research 2011 mobile predictions

Juniper Research have put together their top ten predictions for 2011 in the mobile and wireless field, and it makes interesting reading, although there are no big surprises in the list, and many of the predictions have been predicted many times over in the last ten years.

However, Juniper last year predicted that this year was the year in which the surge in mobile data traffic, driven by the consumer smartphone boom, would begin to place the 3G networks under severe strain, and they’ve not been wrong with that,  and next year they see it happening even more.

Their top ten predictions for 2011 are ;

1. Surging Mobile Data Traffic Will Continue to Test 3G Network Capacity

2. Augmented Reality to Enhance Mobile Games and Retail

3. Cloud-Based Operating Systems are Launched

4. Mobile Banking will become a “must-have” when opening a new account

5. Mobile Devices Begin to Replace Credit Cards

6. Mobile Handsets Become Even More Sensitive

7. Mobile Lottery Tickets Sales to Soar Fuelled by Deployments in US, Europe, and China

8. Mobile-Specific Threats Lead to Demand for Mobile-Specific Security

9. Buyouts Take Social Purchasing to a New Level

10. More Vendors Develop a GreenHeart

Each prediction is explained in more detail in a free report available to download from here on the Juniper Research site.

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