Cheap iPads on Orange and T-Mobile

As we announced earlier subsidised iPads are now on sale at Three, and they’re now joined by Orange and T-Mobile.

iPad on Orange

Orange’s pay monthly subsidised iPad plans start at £199 for a 16Gb wifi + 3G, with a data plan offering 1Gb a month any time and an additional 1Gb “quiet time” eg between midnight and 4pm plus an “unlimited” WiFi usage using BT Openzone. If you’re new to Orange the data plan will cost you £27 a month and current customers get a discount and pay £25 a month. On a Sim-Only deal at Orange you’ll pay £529 for this iPad and data is charged at 5p per MB capped at £40 per month.

As with Three’s deal a 32Gb iPad will cost you £249 upfront and the 32Gb will cost you £349, SIM-only costs are £599 and £699 respectively.

All Oranges iPad contracts are for two-years, and if you look in the small print the “unlimited” wifi terms actually means 3Gb a month, why networks persist with this nonsense is a mystery to us.

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iPad on T-Mobile

Sister company T-Mobile are offering a near enough identical offer to Orange £199 for a 16Gb wifi + 3G model, and £27 pre month to new T-Mobile customers and £25 per month to existing T-Mobile users. Where it does differ is that T-Mobile’s “quiet time” is midnight to 10am, and there’s no wifi hotspot usage.

T-Mobile only seems to have pricing for the 16Gb model online, and at the time of writing we’re not able to confirm that the 32Gb or 64Gb models are available, online or instore.

The T-Mobile offers are also on 24 month contracts, and unlike Three, T-Mobile’s offer is available online, where there’s currently a two day delivery window.

For more on T-Mobile iPad pricing see

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