Angry Birds is the iTunes Rewind app of 2010

Apple has launched it’s iTunes Rewind 2010, which lists the best selling, top grossing and free apps for the iPhone and iPad of the year in the US and it’s no surprise that Angry Birds is the top app or near the top on nearly all the charts, Facebook probably only got the number one spot in the free app section because everyone has already bought Angry Birds or knows how addictive it is so they haven’t bothered with the free Lite version.

The charts also highlight the big diference in usage between the iPhone and the iPad. iPhone users are average consumers, and the choice of apps reflects that, where as the iPad is skewed towards the more highbrow user and business user. LogMeIn Ignition is an app for controlling a PC/Mac remotely sells for $19.99 and is at number 4 in the high grossing iPad apps, the inclusion of the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) show’s they’re also avid film goers.

iPhone US charts for 2010

Top Free (iPhone):

1. Facebook
2. Angry Birds Lite
3. Words With Friends Free
4. Skype
5. Tap Tap Revenge 3
6. The Weather Channel
7. Paper Toss
8. Bing
9. Rock Band Free
10. Talking Tom Cat

Top Paid (iPhone):

1. Angry Birds
2. Doodle Jump
3. Skee-Ball
4. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz
5. Fruit Ninja
6. Cut The Rope
7. Gamebox 1
8. The Moron Test
9. Plants vs. Zombies

Top Grossing (iPhone):

1. At Bat 2010
2. Angry Birds
3. Call Of Duty: Zombies
4. Bejeweled
5. FriendCaller 3 Pro
6. Zombie Farm
7. TomTom U.S.A
8. Tetris
9. Plants vs. Zombies
10. Doodle Jump

iPad US charts for 2010

Top Free (iPad):

1. iBooks
2. Pandora Radio
3. Netflix
4. Google Mobile App
5. Solitaire
6. Movies by Flixster
7. IMDb Movies & TV
8. Kindle
9. Google Earth
10. Virtuoso Piano Free

Top Paid (iPad):

1. Pages
2. GoodReader
3. Numbers
4. Angry Birds HD
5. Keynote
6. Glee Karaoke
7. WolframAlpha
8. Pinball HD
9. Friendly Plus For Facebook
10. Star Walk for iPad

Top Grossing (iPad):

1. Pages
2. Numbers
3. Keynote
4. LogMeIn Ignition
5. Scrabble for iPad
6. Documents To Go
7. Angry Birds HD
8. Real Racing HD
9. Plants vs Zombies HD
10. Proloquo2Go

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