Twitter not a mobile medium?

We always thought that Twitter was a mobile medium, but we’re surprised to find that actually more people use Twitter from a desktop, than from a mobile, and surprise surprise Twitter fans are all big TV watchers, with Glee being their favourite programme.

According to Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo more than 40% of all Twitter posts now originate via mobile phone, and that’s up from 25% a year ago. Costolo credits the huge mobile growth to the launch of their official Twitter clients for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms – well he would wouldn’t he.

Costolo added that many users tweet about their favourite television programs during the show’s broadcast: “It’s definitely the case that network TV people like Twitter because it gives them feedback, like they’re in the theatre watching how the shows play out,” he said. “When Glee starts, tweets per second for Glee shoot up and stay up 100 times that level until the show ends, then they drop.” This close link with TV is now to be exploited as Costolo revealed that Twitter has been in talks with US networks to develop products specifically to leverage the trend.

Twitter is now worth more than $3.7 billion and has more than 175 million registered users worldwide. According to Costolo, users have sent 25 billion tweets over the past 12 months, with more than 100 million new registered accounts signing on during the same period.

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