Argos adds PayPal to it’s m-commerce offering

Argos has like many other m-commerce retailers has opted to add PayPal to it’s rosta of payment providers.

Argos this weekend will be rolling out it’s 75th catalogue and at the same time it will be adding PayPal as a payment option to it’s e-commerce and m-commerce systems.

Mobile is seen to be a potential growth area for the payment partnership and both companies will be looking to increase their m-commerce customer propositions in 2011. PayPal is a global leader in mobile payments, with more than a million of its UK customers making payments on their mobiles. Globally, PayPal generated $750 million in total payment volume through mobile in 2010 – up from $25 million in 2008.

Argos describes the launch as a “commitment to a market leading multi-channel strategy.” Others would just see it as common sense, according to recent Forrester research, a third of people polled chose PayPal as their favourite online payment solution and there are over 26 million PayPal users in the UK.

By accepting PayPal payments, Argos believes it can gain incremental sales from avid PayPal customers who choose to not use payment cards online and prefer the renowned security and convenience of PayPal.

Argos has experience of being a PayPal merchant through the Argos Clearance Bargains, a sales channel on eBay dedicated to selling surplus stock of small consumer electronic products. Since the channel’s launch in February 2007, PayPal has processed payments for over 750,000 eBay marketplace transactions for Argos. Adding PayPal as a payment option on was a natural next step.

As this is Argos’s 75th catalogue we thought we’d take a look back at what it used to look like in the past, here’s the cover from the 1976 catalogue

Then check out this lot of record players!!! yes kids vinyl, that’s what mummy and daddy used to have, and they used to play them with a needle, on machines that were made of wood!!

Wait, no it’s true, plastic and wood and needles!!!

There’s more here in fact there’s the entire catalogue all 200 pages !!!

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