Apple’s iOS accounts for 5% of all browsing in the UK

Figures from web site NetMarketShare show’s Apple’s iOS is accounting for almost one in every twenty web pages viewed in the UK, and one in fifty worldwide.

NetMarketShare tracks web traffic by browsers in real-time and Apple’s share of the market on iPads and iPhones now exceeds 2.06% of all browsing on the web worldwide in January 2011.

Apple’s iOS cracked the 2% barrier for the first time in January with much of the growth happening over the Christmas and New Year holiday periods, which follows the typical pattern for Apple consumer devices.

However in the UK, Australia and Singapore the Apple iOS is taking a significant market share, in Singapore almost one in ten web pages viewed in the country is viewed on an iOS device.

When you break the data down by country, you can see just what an effect the iPad and iPhone are having on the way we view the web.

Here’s the top 20

Position Country Market Share
1 Singapore 9.98%
2 Guernsey 6.33%
3 Hong Kong 6.01%
4 Australia 5.61%
5 Guam 5.50%
6 United Kingdom 5.14%
7 Andorra 4.98%
8 Ireland 4.90%
9 Macau 4.89%
10 Brunei Darussalam 4.83%
11 Cayman Islands 4.55%
12 Monaco 4.54%
13 Antigua and Barbuda 4.09%
14 Virgin Islands (Br.) 4.06%
15 Japan 3.82%
16 Luxembourg 3.74%
17 Gibraltar 3.68%
18 Canada 3.60%
19 Switzerland 3.52%
20 USA 3.40%

These figures are quite stunning, and the strangest figure in the list is the figure for Channel Island, Guernsey, which it turns out, is the third most popular place for iOS browsing in the World with 6.33% – second place in the table actually goes to Anonymous Proxy but as that is not an actual physical place we’ve removed it from the figures and we are magnanimously awarding Guernsey second place. We have also removed¬† Asia/Pacific region from the table.

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