The iPhone CDMA version pre-orders break records in the US

Apple are top dog again

Apple has received yet another boost to iPhone sales from massive pre-order sales of the new CDMA iPhone 4 ahead of the launch this week.

US network Verizon Wireless said that pre-orders of Apple’s iPhone 4 created “the most successful first day sales in the history of the company.”

The company have ended online sales of the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 ahead of its launch on February 10 and are expecting to see bumper revenues.

In a statement, Dan Mead, president and CEO of Verizon Wireless, said that: “in just our first two hours, we had already sold more phones than any first day launch in our history. And, when you consider these initial orders were placed between the hours of 3am and 5am, it is an incredible success story.”

Verizon Wireless won’t say how many units it has sold on pre-order nor will it say what its targets are for iPhone sales, but many speculate it could be as much as an estimated 11 million units in 2011.

Verizon last week refreshed the terms and conditions of its “unlimited” tariff packages, in order to give it the opportunity to curb excessive usage when the iPhone is available for its network.
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