Mobile users go online 18 times a day

Research by the IAB reveals that mobile media users in the UK average 18 usage occasions per day, peaking between 18:00-21:00.

Mobile media usage can vary from the most popular activities of browsing, checking emails, and using Facebook, to using maps, playing a game or watching a video. The research highlights mobile is the first choice of media for a significant number of UK consumers during the week, and that figure is only going to increase.

“Having a mobile presence is a hygiene factor,” says Alex Kozloff, mobile manager, IAB. “It is no longer a nice to have; you have to be there and ensure your site works on mobile, to make sure people can get to you. It’s just part of good customer service.”

Mobile internet is the most popular mobile media past-time, with 69% of respondents claiming that mobile internet is the primary way they access their media during the week.

“First thing in the morning users are looking for news, weather, traffic and travel,” says Kozloff. “Mobile browsing has become part of the early morning routine. Between 09:00-12:00, mobile is still the first choice of media, as they sort out their finances and banking. During lunch hours people use mobile because only way to access things that are private, such as sorting out their career: Private usage is a key driver.”

As the day progresses, maps, directories, and classified plays a larger role, followed by entertainment as people use mobile media to relax.

Other mobile media usage stats in the IAB survey include

  • 73% often surf on their mobile when bored.
  • 31% said they surf on their phone during the week to kill time.
  • 66% agree they cannot live without their mobile.
  • 27% use their mobile as the first choice device.
  • 58% agree mobile makes their life more organised.
  • 26% used their mobile in the week because it is the easiest way to access what they needed.
  • 40% often use their mobile if they have seen an interesting ad.
  • 10% of people use their mobile in that week because they have been prompted by another media.
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