Apple app store loses market share but doubles revenue in 2010

Apple’s app store is losing its lead in the market according to new figures from iSuppli, while BlackBerry, Ovi and Android all grow significantly. However while their market share is down revenue is up.

Research firm iSuppli, has issued its full-year data on app stores in 2010. According to the company’s report, Apple’s market share decreased significantly last year while its revenue more than doubled.

The Apple app store pioneer pulled in $1.78 billion in global app sales during 2010, up 132% from the $769 million its App Store earned in 2009. Not surprisingly, its market share dropped from 93% in 2009 to 83% during the period.

RIM’s BlackBerryApp World grew 360% year-over-year, pulling in $165 million and accounting for nearly 8% of the market. Nokia’s Ovi Store jumped 719% to $105 million in 2010, and Google’s Android Market was up 862% to $102 million.

The combined revenue of all four mobile app stores is a mighty $2.16 billion, up 160% from the $828 million of revenue they earned in 2009.
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