Verified by Visa is preventing mobile commerce claims Mobgets

Alternative app platform Mobgets is getting hot under the collar about Verified by Visa and its incompatibility with mobiles and smartphones.

Independant mobile app platform Mobgets are very very angry with Verified by Visa; they’ve been complaining for 12 months and now they’re threatening a “case against both the banks and Verified by Visa for loss of income.” So what’s making them so hot under the collar? Well it’s all down to a submit button, and they’re so angry about it that they’ve also issued a very strongly worded release explaining their problems.

According to Mobgets,

“We make sure our sites meet the Payment Card Industy standards (PCI), we spend the time intergrating our sites with Verified by Visa where that extra security is added so that the customer knows that the site is secure and safe – so why cannot Verified by Visa and the banks then at least make the button that the customer has to click on to finish the purchase work on most mobiles?”

The problem with the Verified by Visa submit button seems to be that it’s heavily reliant on JavaScript, and hence it’s only going to work on mobiles that are JavaScript compatible, which rules out a substantial number of mobiles. However even when they’re compatible there’s still a problem as nobody seems prepared to take the blame and the people behind Verified by Visa just aren’t listening and don’t seem to give a monkeys about anyone buying over mobile.

“Mobgets have witnessed this issue using high-end smartphones using the standard mobile Internet Explorer and latest Opera mini with JavaScript enabled and disabled, and record that at least two Banks – Barclays and BNP Paribas who are hosting the Verified by Visa pages cannot submit, and finish processing the order. Having tried to raise the issue with the banks and Verified by Visa, both assume it is the responsibility of each other, though the code certainly looks as if it is being supplied to the banks by Verified by Visa.”

Mobgets recommends that Verified by Visa should only use JavaScript if the mobile supports JavaScript, and only the level of JavaScript that the phone can support. The other option is to just ensure that the submit button is not reliant on JavaScript at all when a device is using the Verified by Visa form and just use what is called server side form submission.

This comes as absolutely no surprise to us having seen how Verified by Visa handled complaints from the e-commerce sector when the system first went live. We fully support Mobgets. Have you had problems with Verified by Visa? Let us know we’d be interested to hear about any problems.

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