Mobile web growth: 1 in 5 internet users don’t use a computer

Image Ken Banks,

On Device Research (ODR) surveyed over 15,204 people in 12 different countries to see how they were accessing the internet and the surprising results show just how many people are accessing the internet on mobile only.

In the UK and US, a staggering 20% of Internet users are already mobile only users of the internet, with the African and Asian markets, the number is greater than 50%.

ODR found that the mobile only market (a mobile internet browser who never or infrequently uses the desktop Internet) differed wildly depending on the country. For example, an American mobile only user is most likely to be over 25, and in a low income bracket. However in India and Nigeria the mobile only user is likely to be under-25 and middle class or a student.

Alistair Hill, Managing Director at On Device Research, says “Internet companies and brands now have a new internet audience. These mobile only internet browsers are the next frontier and are a glimpse into the next billion of connected consumers. In emerging countries fixed-line internet is being completely bypassed by mobile users and is an exciting time for content owners and brands to interact with their customers.”

The mobile only Internet Generation

Country % Mobile Only
Egypt 70%
India 59%
South Africa 57%
Africa 5 (South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya) 56%
Ghana 55%
Kenya 54%
Nigeria 50%
Indonesia 44%
Asia 4 (India, China, Indonesia, Thailand) 43%
Thailand 32%
China 30%
US 25%
UK 22%
Russia 19%

Data gathered from July to November 2010 – N= 15,204