ViewSonic try for free tablet computer

ViewSonic are so sure that you will like their ViewPad 7 tablet computer that they’re promising to refund the purchase price plus £10 if you try their ViewPad and don’t like it.

The world of tablet computing is getting hyper competitive, and the latest example of just how competitive is ViewSonic’s “Try for Free’ campaign. The campaign allows customers to trial a brand new Google certified ViewPad 7 throughout April 2011 and guarantees a full refund if customers are not entirely satisfied with the device. ViewSonic will also pay for the return postage and packaging up to £10, so that no costs are incurred.

Obviously if you were an app developer and you wanted to test your app out on a few tablets then this would be an ideal vehicle. Produce the app, test it on the ViewPad for 30 days and then take it back. You can have up to three tablets on the scheme, so why not kit out the whole department. We didn’t tell you right? But do make sure you read the small print first!!

James Coulson, European marketing manager, ViewSonic, said: “There are many people that have heard about the new Tablet trend but for various reasons have not yet dived in. Working with Google, we want people to have a good first Tablet experience, risk free. Customers taking up the offer can use our devices for 30 days free of charge in order to overcome any initial learning curves and really start to appreciate the potential of Android on a great device.”

So what has the ViewPad go to offer? Well it’s an “ultra light, yet durable” tablet computer based on Android 2.2 and has “integrated phone capabilities, Bluetooth, wireless, GPS and MP3/video playback, allowing users to keep abreast of the latest news and use social media.” So now you know.

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