iPhone 4 mania hits the UK

Iphone 4 SOLD OUT!!

Seems like the UK has gone compeletly iPhone 4 mad as queues of, mostly men, form all around the UK to get the best thing since sliced bread iPhone 4 in their sweaty little mitts. Vodafone have sold out, and it looks like the rest are also sold out judging by Twitter accounts.

And while there are thousands queueing and getting their iPhones there are even more not getting their iPhones. Twitter is awash with punters queueing and not getting their phones, and the networks are furiously back peddling on the hype they’ve partly created.

Vodafone’s sites says

“We’ve seen huge demand for the iPhone 4 on Vodafone – we’ve sold everything we have at the moment. We have more iPhone 4s coming in the next couple of weeks. To make sure you are one of the first to get your hands on this fantastic new phone on our outstanding network, just place your order online and we’ll send your phone as soon as we can. Once you’ve ordered, sit back and relax – we’ll e mail you regularly about expected delivery dates. When your iPhone 4 is ready to be dispatched, we’ll also contact you by email to let you know it’s on it’s way.

Our contact centres will be sharing the same information with customers who call – so please keep a look out for our emails.”

Of the networks we pre-registered with Vodafone, O2 and Three are the only ones to have bothered with emails – Three texted. O2 were the most consistent with their emails one every other day and Three were the most proactive they sent texts and reserved a phone for us, however Three sent a text this morning saying

“Your iPhone 4 is still reserved. Due to high demand we’ll contact you when we can process your order. View tariff details at three.co.uk/iphone”

Which sounds like we’re not going to get one from Three.

More on this later

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